Russia and Venezuela are going to use Petro in bilateral trade

2020-07-18T16:41:24+03:009 December 2018|Tags: |

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro came 5-6 December to Moscow to convince his Russian colleague, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, to start using Petro cryptocurrency in bilateral trade. Maduro plans to make such provision as an obligatory starting from the March of 2019 year. Russia buys some volumes of Venezuelan oil since there is routine [...]

Bank of England: OK, to own digital currency

2020-07-18T17:00:33+03:0028 May 2018|Tags: , |

As crypto enthusiast Anthony Pompliano likes saying, “the virus is spreading”. So it sounds not strange that the head of British central bank (the governor of Bank of England) Mark Carney has proclaimed warm reception of idea regarding bank's own digital currency creation. He talked about it during his speech he delivered 25-th of May [...]