NANO and Bitconnect are probably the most undervalued coins

2020-06-09T22:08:19+03:0029 May 2018|Tags: , |

NANO has lost 90,32% since ATH and there one is worse is Bitconnect (BCC) that has plummeted 99,88%. NANO price is $3,64 in comparison with $37,62 achieved by the 2-d of January this year. The capitalization of NANO has declined from $4,46 billion (3-d of January this year) to $485,04 million. Bitconnect price has been [...]

NANO universal blocks create a miracle

2020-06-09T21:52:18+03:0021 May 2018|Tags: |

The Twitter-account of Colin LeMahieu has informed that NANO universal block canary has been released. What does it mean for users? Previously Colin LeMahieu made it clear that “this will signal wallets to start generating universal blocks instead of the old style. Universal blocks will allow higher TPS, simplify code, and simplify hardware wallet integration”. [...]