Coinshares: Bitcoin mining has positive effects on economy

2020-06-09T23:41:55+03:002 December 2018|Tags: , , , |

Coinshares, the cryptocurrencies management investment vehicle, has released a 19-page research paper titled “The Bitcoin Mining Network—Trends, Marginal Creation Cost, Electricity Consumption & Sources.” This report became a fresh version of Coinshares bi-annual mining paper appeared in May 2018. The report states that there is “no more than 60% of miners currently remain within Chinese [...]

Paraguay becomes crypto mining paradise

2020-06-09T22:44:16+03:006 November 2018|Tags: , |

Paraguay becomes new hottest destination for cryptocurrencies market. The country has an excess of energy, it consumes only 13% of the volume produced and sell out the remaining part, especially to the it's neighbor, Brazil. The key place for electricity generation is Itaipu Dam. This dam generates at least 103 million megawatt-hours of electricity a [...]

Jonathan Koomey criticizes an idea that crypto mining consumes “too much el”

2020-06-09T22:29:02+03:0030 October 2018|Tags: , , |

Energy researcher Jonathan Koomey believes that there is wide spread misconception about the volume of electricity being consumed during crypto mining. He actually challenges a number of reports aiming to prove another thesis. One of the recent papers moving in this direction is a report developed by a group of climate scientists raising an alarm that [...]