Casper will help Ethereum rise

2018-05-10T21:31:09+03:0010 May 2018|Tags: |

Ethereum has a chance to make a pump due to Hybrid Casper streamlining. Casper makes new blocks getting less awarded for each block. Instead of 3 ETH each new block gets 0,82 ETH will be awarded for coming blocks reducing inflation to just 2% a year. So when Ethereum moves over to PoW/PoS system then [...]

Vitalik Buterin speeds up Ethereum

2018-05-04T19:45:51+03:004 May 2018|Tags: , , |

The co-founder of Ethereum Virtalik Buterin informed his followers of his Twitter that “sharding is coming”. What does it mean? It means that Ethereum transaction processing capacity will get boost from so-called mysterious sharding. In his several Reddit pots and follow-up tweets he's revealed the essence of coming transformation. Sharding seems as a tool to speed [...]