Chris Burniske: Bitcoin and Ethereum are oversold, SFOX answers why

2020-06-10T15:34:47+03:0011 December 2018|Tags: , |

The analyst Chris Burniske argues that BTC and ETH are heavily oversold. Bitcoin lost 83% from all-time-high, Ethereum followed the case with 94% decline. Burniske took into account several metrics such as Number of Daily Transactions, Estimated Daily Transaction Value (USD), Daily Unique Addresses Used for Bitcoin, Number of Daily Transactions and Total Daily Gas [...]

Big “whales” buys enormous volume of crypto from disappointed retail investors

2020-06-09T23:47:23+03:005 December 2018|Tags: , , |

New market statistics leaves no doubt that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao when he warned cryptocurrencies holders be cautious in their instincts to follow the overall mood at the market and sell their coins with high discounts trying to figure out “less loss.” New data from Diar company proves the idea that now we see a [...]

Joseph Lubin: blockchain is a movement

2020-06-09T23:43:20+03:003 December 2018|Tags: , , |

One of the founders of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, who currently run ConsenSys as CEO, believes that blockchain is “more than a market. It’s a movement.” He argues that there is no need to be focused on market parameters of cryptocurrencies, new kind of money based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT). He rules out the [...]

Dr Buterin, you’re welcome!

2020-06-09T23:38:15+03:0030 November 2018|Tags: , |

One of the creators of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has been awarded an honorary doctorate for his work on blockchain technology. His cryptocurrency feels not so good. This November ETH lost its second spot it held for many months as far one talks about crypto capitalization. The place behind Bitcoin was immediately filled by XRP, the [...]

“Star Trek” star clashes with Twitter bots, supports Vitalik Buterin

2020-06-09T22:53:58+03:009 November 2018|Tags: , |

Eighty-seven-year-old Canadian actor and producer William Shatner has demonstrated a stamina to fight for the sake of Vitalik Buterin in Twitter environment. He clashes with Ethereum founder's critics talking to one of them, self proclaiming to “coder”, that “Then as a coder – go develop your own blockchain technology where you can be 1000% sure [...]

Santiment: Ethereum based altcoins start rising

2020-06-09T22:41:51+03:005 November 2018|Tags: |

Data and research analytics platform Santiment has come to conclusion that Ethereum based altcoins are highly likely starting to rise. The analysts have scrutinized data regarding public blockchain activity and undertook social media sentiment analysis. Their findings they published in special newsletter. They started from the point that Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrate unique low volatility [...]

CEO Google’s son mines Ethereum

2020-06-09T22:38:22+03:003 November 2018|Tags: , , |

CEO Google, Sundar Pichai, attended the New York Times DealBook conference and told the audience that his 11-year old son mines Ethereum using for this purpose family's computer. Pichai referred to his conversation with his son adding that “I was talking about something about Bitcoin, and my son clarified what I was talking about was [...]

China delivers sixth cryptocurrencies report

2020-06-09T22:36:52+03:002 November 2018|Tags: , , , |

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released new, sixth, report comprising 33 distinguished cryptocurrencies. EOS and Ethereum hold 1st and 2-d spots (since June they have the same positions), Bitcoin has reserved 19th place coming down from 16th place. Bitcoin Cash enjoys 28th spot coming up from 31 place. Bitshares, Nebulas and [...]

EOS caused recent Ethereum decline

2020-06-09T22:09:37+03:0030 May 2018|Tags: , |

The market analysis show that EOS team was highly likely dumping almost all their ETH coins on Bitfinex. The sign of it was that ETH was traded at Bitfinex at $30 lower than any other exchange during ETH dump when other exchanges didn't fall below $510. EOS has performed transferring their Ethereum to Bitfinex since [...]