China delivers sixth cryptocurrencies report

2020-06-09T22:36:52+03:002 November 2018|Tags: , , , |

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released new, sixth, report comprising 33 distinguished cryptocurrencies. EOS and Ethereum hold 1st and 2-d spots (since June they have the same positions), Bitcoin has reserved 19th place coming down from 16th place. Bitcoin Cash enjoys 28th spot coming up from 31 place. Bitshares, Nebulas and [...]

Nick Szabo lashed out against EOS network

2020-06-09T22:12:21+03:001 June 2018|Tags: |

Nick Szabo, a famous crypto enterpreneur, has recently lashed out against EOS main-net slated to appear by 2d June. According to Szabo, “EOS depends on a naively drafted "constitution", human-interpreted wet code. As a result EOS will be labor-intensive, permissioned, jurisdictionally biased, and will have poor social scalability”. That is not less important one can [...]

EOS caused recent Ethereum decline

2020-06-09T22:09:37+03:0030 May 2018|Tags: , |

The market analysis show that EOS team was highly likely dumping almost all their ETH coins on Bitfinex. The sign of it was that ETH was traded at Bitfinex at $30 lower than any other exchange during ETH dump when other exchanges didn't fall below $510. EOS has performed transferring their Ethereum to Bitfinex since [...]

EOS is recovering from recent decrease

2020-06-09T21:05:52+03:007 May 2018|Tags: |

At the beginning of new week altcoin EOS gains a bit, to $17,93 that is still 21,65% less from all the time high reached at the level of $22,89 eight days ago. The market capitalization of the altcoin has lummeted from $17,85 billion (all the time high achieved seven days ago) to $15,08 billion (-15,52%). Is it constant [...]