Coinbase and KPMG push dubious “crypto institutionalization” agenda

2020-06-09T23:15:27+03:0020 November 2018|Tags: , |

One of the famous Big-4 auditors' companies in the world, KPMG, has come with a fresh report dedicated to the the stages of crypto development. This report feels more brave than previous one that has recently scrutinized. In previous report KPMG takes a central banks digital currencies as valuable tool to get financial transactions [...]

Coinbase and Bitfury may go IPO

2020-06-09T22:13:28+03:0026 October 2018|Tags: , , |

As Ran Neuner states that US the most popular cryptocurrencies exchange Coinbase is going to announce its first Initial Public Offering (IPO). Coinbase has 25 million accounts, 7 million accounts with fiat or cryptocurrencies. There are 600,000 monthly trading accounts. The turnover of Coinbase was $90 million in III quarter while it's expected that this [...]