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Bitcoin Cash hard fork resulted in mining loss

2020-06-09T23:08:52+03:0016 November 2018|Tags: , |

The BitMEX analysts launched a real time platform to track Bitcoin Cash hard-fork. There are three communities that promote their hard-fork vision. One of them is concerned over Bitcoin ABC being supported by “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver. Another one cares about Bitcoin SV (“Satoshi’s Vision”) developed by self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright. A [...]

Bitcoin Cash will get upgrade

2020-06-09T21:20:36+03:0014 May 2018|Tags: |

Bitcoin Cash reality reflects a vibrant crypto world. Tomorrow BCH upgrade is scheduled to occur. It means new changes to the BCH protocol. One can see augmented capacity and fresh features such as operation codes will be added. Block size limit will reach 32 MB. The new limit eases the code, as 8MB was a [...]