The most Bitcoin friendly countries

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There are numerous surveys dedicated to the topic what the most friendly Bitcoin countries are. But there are some things worth to make it clear: criteria. If one talks about cryptocurrencies turnover then we may figure out the top-3 countries. 1. USA. US market is leading market when one speaks about the volume of cryptocurrencies [...]

How to track Bitcoin and altcoins prices?

2020-07-18T16:40:10+03:0015 December 2018|Tags: | has already introduced as one of the most popular free service to track Bitcoin and altcoins prices. But this site tracks only roughly 2,000 cryptocurrencies. 1. Such deficiency is elevated at the resource that covers 6,000+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, altcoins and tokens. So if one wants looking deeply into crypto market he [...]

What is a current price of Bitcoin?

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The question: “What is a current price of Bitcoin?” is one of the issues coming strikingly to the head when anybody discusses cryptocurrencies as a possible object to invest. It's well known where to find out a place where you can buy crypto, for example, Binance. Binance also provides some statistics useful for traders. But [...]

What is Bitcoin? – the ultimate answer

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“What is Bitcoin?” – this question has hit the absolute leadership's position in Google searches in UK and USA. And this trend is going to continue in 2019 year as well. This means that can't avoid to put its five cents to make it clear. By the way, USA tops third position as the [...]

Max Keiser: Russia is going to buy Bitcoin as strategic reserve

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The famous crypto analyst Max Kreiser has drawn masss-media attention through his original interpretation of events evolving around the world. He shares his opinions through his Twitter account aimed to promote Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency ever. Keiser praises the policies conducted by the Russia's central bank chief, Elvira Nabiullina, and states that Russia is [...]

Winklevoss extended their services to US sanctioned countries?

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The twins Cameron and Tyler Winlklevoss, who are reportedly Bitcoin billionaires, are people behind US based Gemini cryptocurrencies exchange. This platform is being considered as one of the important “gateway” for institutional investors' advent to the crypto sphere but this vast popular opinion twins like breaking. They've just launched a Gemini mobile application and Cameron [...]

Chris Burniske: Bitcoin and Ethereum are oversold, SFOX answers why

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The analyst Chris Burniske argues that BTC and ETH are heavily oversold. Bitcoin lost 83% from all-time-high, Ethereum followed the case with 94% decline. Burniske took into account several metrics such as Number of Daily Transactions, Estimated Daily Transaction Value (USD), Daily Unique Addresses Used for Bitcoin, Number of Daily Transactions and Total Daily Gas [...]

Bitcoin ETF approval delay – what does it mean?

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) has decided to shoot the terminal date for the considering Bitcoin ETFs up to the 27th of February 2019 year. At this point of time US SEC will be obliged to decide whether approve or not the applications submitted by multibillion investment company VanECK and minor organization [...]

Binance CEO: sooner or later we’ll see bull run

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Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, of the leading cryptocurrencies platform in the world, goes on in his belief in imminent rise of crypto market from current condition. He argues that The crypto industry will stay. I think that’s not going away. The blockchain technology will stay. Adoption will just increase over time. This is [...]

Russia and Venezuela are going to use Petro in bilateral trade

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro came 5-6 December to Moscow to convince his Russian colleague, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, to start using Petro cryptocurrency in bilateral trade. Maduro plans to make such provision as an obligatory starting from the March of 2019 year. Russia buys some volumes of Venezuelan oil since there is routine [...]