Bitcoin costs less $6,000 – time to buy?

2018-11-15T23:42:00+00:00 15 November 2018|Tags: |

Bitcoin has plummeted beyond $6,000 level overturned the proposition made by ex-banker of JPMorgan, turned to be self proclaimed crypto analyst Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisers. Tom Lee guessed that Bitcoin market would defend support line of $6,000 since this price level corresponds to the break-even point for the most Bitcoin miners. This idea [...]

Christine Lagarde praised blockchain technology

2018-11-15T00:35:04+00:00 15 November 2018|Tags: , , |

The chief of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has praised the distributed ledger technology but made an emphasis on the possibilities to develop central banks digital currencies (CBD). In her speech Christine Lagarde has delivered at Singapore Fintech Festival she used to stress the title of her message: “Winds of change: the case for [...]

Bill Barhydt: crypto banks can’t be evolved in sanctioned countries

2018-11-15T00:32:25+00:00 14 November 2018|Tags: , |

Bill Barhydt, ex-CIA operative and currently presenting himself as a founder of cryptocurrencies investment platform Abra believes in mass propagation of new kind of banking institutions based on blockchain and so far demonstrating decentralized decisions to the best way to market financial services. Since the distributed ledger technology and its offspring offer the same banking [...]

Asher Tan: stablecoins has multi-use purposes

2018-11-13T02:15:39+00:00 13 November 2018|Tags: |

Asher Tan, one of the founders of Melbourne-based bitcoin exchange CoinJar, believes that there are cryptocurrencies called stablecoins that makes a pivotal changes in the crypto world. He means that stablecoins are very interesting moment that woo institutional investors, they and retail investors feel themselves relaxed when they've an opportunity to invest into cryptocurrencies and don't [...]

Binance found positive signs for crypto market

2018-11-12T23:31:25+00:00 13 November 2018|Tags: |

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao offered some insight view into the trade statistics of one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. He states that the volume of Bitcoin transactions has plummeted by almost 90% since the beginning of the current year: “Compared to January of 2018 year, we are probably down 90 percent. So [...]

Gabor Gurbacs: crypto market reaches $10 trillion in 20 years

2018-11-12T16:26:47+00:00 12 November 2018|Tags: , |

Gabor Gurbacs, the head of Digital Assets Strategy at VanEck, feels himself very optimistic regarding possible approval by SEC Bitcoin Exchange-traded funds (ETF). He don't expect exactly that Bitcoin ETFs gets approval before turn of 2018 year but he stares at the December, 29, 2018 as the nearest day when SEC's commissioners will be summoned [...]

Chinese PBOC continues attacking blockchain and crypto

2018-11-12T01:38:19+00:00 12 November 2018|Tags: , |

In recent days there are two reports prepared in the background of China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), have been released. One of them was developed by Xu Zhong, director of the Research Bureau of the PBoC. This paper states that “There are few blockchain projects that really land and produce social [...]

Crypto ATMs number nears 4,000

2018-11-11T23:30:37+00:00 11 November 2018|Tags: |

The number of crypto ATMs is going to reach 4,000 machines in the nearest future. There are 3,989 cryptocurrencies ATM at 11th of November compared with just 3,000 at the end of May this year. The pace of development is about 6 machines per day. These machines that give an opportunity to purchase and sell [...]

Crypto exchange Huobi opens office in Russia

2018-11-10T18:59:39+00:00 10 November 2018|Tags: , |

The Singapore based crypto exchange Huobi office is going to open Russian office despite of the fact of surmounting sanctions US power exerts over Russia. The time of opening is 12th of November. The crypto trading platform gets Russian interface and local support services (24-hour Russian speaking call center). The plans of Huobi is going [...]

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