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Ripple has made almost all to fly to the Moon

2018-05-31T10:57:24+00:00 31 May 2018|Tags: |

Accomplished achievements the Ripple (XRP) team has reached stipulate that XRP must fly to the Moon. Ripple boasts of “RippleNet @NBKPage! They're the first bank in Kuwait to use #xCurrent to provide instant cross-border payments for their customers”. Actually xCurrent is step by step replacing SWIFT messaging in banking sphere. xCurrent is based on ILP (Interledger [...]

EOS caused recent Ethereum decline

2018-05-30T11:07:54+00:00 30 May 2018|Tags: , |

The market analysis show that EOS team was highly likely dumping almost all their ETH coins on Bitfinex. The sign of it was that ETH was traded at Bitfinex at $30 lower than any other exchange during ETH dump when other exchanges didn't fall below $510. EOS has performed transferring their Ethereum to Bitfinex since [...]

NANO and Bitconnect are probably the most undervalued coins

2018-05-29T12:13:47+00:00 29 May 2018|Tags: , |

NANO has lost 90,32% since ATH and there one is worse is Bitconnect (BCC) that has plummeted 99,88%. NANO price is $3,64 in comparison with $37,62 achieved by the 2-d of January this year. The capitalization of NANO has declined from $4,46 billion (3-d of January this year) to $485,04 million. Bitconnect price has been [...]

Bank of England: OK, to own digital currency

2018-05-28T12:35:17+00:00 28 May 2018|Tags: , |

As crypto enthusiast Anthony Pompliano likes saying, “the virus is spreading”. So it sounds not strange that the head of British central bank (the governor of Bank of England) Mark Carney has proclaimed warm reception of idea regarding bank's own digital currency creation. He talked about it during his speech he delivered 25-th of May [...]

TRON is going to buy BitTorrent Inc.

2018-05-27T09:56:05+00:00 27 May 2018|Tags: |

BitTorrent Inc is highly likely is the object of acquisition performed by the TRON (TRX) founder Justin Sun. Earlier this company has changed the brand name to “Rainberry” that might indicate the intention to prepare business for acquisition. “Rainberry” has also faced the lawsuit in which some claimant insisted that this company broke the “No [...]

The founder of Litecoin possesses LTC again

2018-05-26T18:20:38+00:00 26 May 2018|Tags: , , , |

After Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, sold all his LTC last December he's has expressed his pity for the price of altcoin taking the all time high that time has never again touched that level. For him it sounded that he was too lucky guy but this thesis became clouded by the fact that [...]

PARSEC helped MaidSafeCoin flying to the Moon

2018-05-25T20:15:44+00:00 25 May 2018|Tags: , |

MaidSafeCoin is in the top10 performers on CoinMarketCap today. Thanks to PARSEC. What's PARSEC and why it played crucial role in attracting the biggest interest of investors 25-th of May? As official Twitter account of the project states today, “we are excited to announce the MaidSafe team have created a new consensus mechanism that we [...]

Who manipulates crypto market, and why?

2018-05-24T17:05:38+00:00 24 May 2018|Tags: |

Any opinion leaders may influence the crypto market but it's the most important to learn what's the reason each of them has to behave in some specific way. 24-th of May has followed the path of 23-d of May and crypto market is crashing. Bitcoin price is $7525.  At the same time the US Department [...]

TrueUSD has shown a main drawback of stablecoins

2018-05-23T10:16:06+00:00 23 May 2018|Tags: , |

Appearance of stablecoins TrueUSD (TUSD) on Binance didn't result in skyrocketing prices of altcoin. Binance has launched TUSD 22 May that was highlighted by the official Twitter account of the altcoin. Some users believe that TUSD look suspicious and resemble Tether that has also a peg to US dollars. After launched TUSD has risen to [...]

Verge (XVG) has got knockdown from hackers

2018-05-22T19:39:48+00:00 22 May 2018|Tags: |

The Verge team was too late to fix the system. XVG has suffered the “51% attacak” again as one of users of Bitcointalk forums, ocminer, revealed yesterday, 21 of May: “Since nothing really was done about the previous attacks (only a band-aid), the attackers now simply use two algos to fork the chain for their [...]

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